Wednesday, 21 February 2018


India and Bhutan has always been a boon companion since the visit of first Indian prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Bhutan in 1958 which remains a landmark in relationship between the two countries till date. During his visit, he witnessed love and affection showered upon him by every citizen of the country which left an undeniable impression on him and convinced him of invariable potential and richness of India-Bhutan relations that would come in future. His majesty third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and Indian prime minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru have cemented foundation of this relationship.

Only after this, Bhutan slowly opened herself to the world for modernization and development. India has helped Bhutan to develop at a speedy pace within a short period of time through plans and policies. One major toehold was for consistent development, Five Year Plans were initiated.

On 26 September 1958, King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had a discussion for two days emphasizing on social and economic developments of Bhutan. The discussion was mainly focused on construction of road/highway between India and Bhutan, and within Bhutan. The following year, third king visited to New Delhi in September 1959 for the finalization and Indian Government agreed to render technical and financial assistance for the construction of road to connect Bhutan and India. In this regard, Bhutan’s first five year plan began from (1961-1966) which was financed solely by the Government of India. India has always been a crucial supporter to Bhutan’s five year development plan since then and till date.

After implementing the ideology of the five year development plan and with the assistance from the Indian Government, Bhutan has been experiencing a significant development socially as well as economically. There was a huge improvement regarding the basic infrastructural facilities like development of road, power supply, communication and transportation, drastic change in the agriculture sectors and animal husbandry and in many other fields.

Literacy is an all-important indicator for the socio-economic development and accordingly importance was given on that. Literacy rate began to improve through establishment of schools and institutions in the country, introduction of specialized and highly qualified teachers from India and sending Bhutanese scholars to India. Since then improvement in literacy rate has played vital role in shaping the nation as we know that Education is the foundation of development and modernization.

With financial assistance from India, many hospitals were established all across the country for better health and wellbeing of the citizen. Equipment and technologies were introduced to improve old-age agriculture which has been backbone of the nation and only through this people began to move to commercial farming from subsistence. Besides, small scale industries began to develop with time along the border of the nations.

Hydropower is one of the main pillars of bilateral cooperation. Hydropower is a win-win asset for both the nations, while India gets a reliable source of inexpensive electricity and Bhutan’s major source of revenue come from hydropower. Accordingly India has helped Bhutan with development of Hydropower Projects both financially and technically, and will be helping for times to come in near future.

Indian has been the largest trade developing partner of the Bhutan. There is a free trade regime between the territories of the India and Bhutan. Bilateral trade is conducted in Indian rupee which is fully convertible to ngultrum. Bhutan exports one-third of electricity in cheap rate to India and in return India sells petroleum in cheap rate to Bhutan. We can clearly sense from here that how strong and understanding trade relations are going on between two countries.

In order to have strong relations between two countries there must be more number of India-Bhutan Foundation project which will definitely improve people-to-people cooperation in the area of culture, education and environment protections. Bhutanese students are being provided with scholarship to pursue degree/master in various colleges/universities of India. Similarly Nehru Wangchuck Culture has been established to preserve and promote unique culture of both the nations which ultimate strengthen the relations between two countries.

Indian-Bhutan relation has been shaped by their histories, cultures and geopolitical realities. More than this, wise and visionary leadership of two countries have been a great catalyst to make this bilateral relationship a dream come true within a short span of time. Besides, trust, faith and patriotism shown by the people of both the nations have shown a great impact for the enhancement of this relationship. It is the exemplary to showcase the world that successful relation of two neighbors and those two asymmetrical countries can co-exist and prosper.
As we mark the Golden jubilee relation between two countries we always pray for our Long Live Friendship: India-Bhutan Relationship to live and prosper for all the times to come. Let’s together do it!

 Thank you

Friday, 14 April 2017


“Doctrine of Lis Pendens” the law in cooperated in section 52 of the Indian Transfer of property Act 1882 is based on the doctrine Lis Pendence, where lis means litigation/sued. Pendens means pending/continuing. Therefore lis pendens means pending litigation. The doctrine lis pendens is express in the well-known maxim ‘Pendente like nihel innovature’ which means, during pendens of litigation nothing new should be introduce under this doctrine, the principle is that during pendens of any sued regarding the tittle of a property in any case interest in respected  of that property. As such as accents, the doctrine of lis pendens prohibits the transfer of property during the pendens of any litigation.

The doctrine of lis pendens according to section 52:-

> During the pendens of sued or proceeding
> Property cannot transfer or otherwise dealt with by any party to the suit.
> If so transfer the transferee is bound by the decision by the court whether or not he had a notice of the suit/ proceeding.

The objective of the doctrine

1.      To avoid endless litigation
2.      To protect one of the parties to the litigation against the act of the order.
3.      To avoid abuse the legal process.

Essential condition for the application for the lis pendens

Following are the necessary condition for the application of the doctrine lis pendens under this section
1.      The sued should be pending
2.      The suit of act or proceeding must be pendent in the competent jurisdiction
3.      Right to immovable property is directly and specifically involved in the suit.
4.      The sued/proceeding must not be collusive
5.      The property in dispute must be transfer or otherwise dealt with by the any party of sued
6.      The transfer must affect the rights of other party to litigation

When above mention conditions are fulfilled the transfer is bound by the decision of the court. If the decision is in favor of the transfer, the transferee has a right in the property transfer; the transferal cannot get any interest in the property. The explanation to section 52 provided that the pendens of suit/litigation is deem to begin from the date of presentation of the plaint or institution of the proceeding in a competent court and continuous until the sued has been dispose off by a final decree or order.

Proceeding means a judicial activities whether civil or criminal in respect of the determining the right in normal property. It must be noted here that when transfer is made during the pendens of the sued with the permission of the court the principle of lis pendens is not applicable.
The principle doctrine may be explained with the help of the following example:

In the suit between ‘A’ and ‘B’ regarding the title of the house. If ‘B’ transfer house to ‘C’ during the pendens of the sued and the judgment is subsequently pass favor of ‘B’ then ‘C’ could be entitle to the house and if the decree is pass against the ‘B’ then it is binding not only on ‘B’ but also to the ‘C’ with the result that ‘C’ can-not take get the house and ‘C’ cannot take the pledge that had no notice of the pending litigation. Therefore, the effect of the lis pendens is that it does not prevent the vesting of tittle in the transfer only makes its subjects to the rights of the parties as seceded by the court in suit.

Saturday, 18 March 2017


Doctrine of feeding the grant by estoppel is in cooperated in section 43 of the Indian transfer of property Act 1882. Transfer of interest in respect of any property is known as creation of grant. In the absent of authority to transfer the transfer’s should not create any grant in respect of property in favor of the transferee, However if the transfer subsequently acquires the right to transfer the property. He should not allow going back from the earlier grant, equity and law doesn’t permit him to deny his earlier statements. Thus he could be stopped/exclude from going back to what he promise or grant earlier.

Therefore he cannot avoid the transfer because of his own earlier grant which he created by misrepresenting his right. He estoppel is back by/ support by his old own earlier grants. The law lead down under this section is known under English law as the doctrine of ‘feeding the grant of estoppel”  this is the rule of equity  which is in cooperated in section 43 of the transfer of Property Act.

 According to the section-
1.      If a person agree/promise to transfer an immovable property frequently/erroneously representing that he has authority to do so,  
2.      The transfer is for consideration
3.      Such transfer acquires the authority subsequently.
I.e. then the transferal may compel the transfer to transfer the property to him

Condition of the application of the section 43

Following are the condition necessary for the applicability of the section 43
1.      If the transferee is unauthorized person
2.      There is fraudulently/erroneously representing by transferor  regarding his right to transfer
3.      The transfer is for consideration
4.      The transfer subsequently acquires a authority for the transfer.

For Example-

A, a Hindu, who has separated from his father B, sells to C there fields, X,Y and Z , representing that A is authorized to transfer the same. Of these fields Z does not belong to A, it having been retained by B on the partition , but B’s dying A as heir obtains Z . C. not having rescinded the contract also of sale, may require A to deliver Z to him.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


“If you cannot do great things, Do small things in a greater way. ~ Napoleon Hill

Early in the morning the beep of my phone time and again rang in peak near my ear drum made me pissed off and so irritating. It was so difficult for me to open my eye and to see where the call was actually from and deep in my mind I thought that call won’t be that significant than of my sleeping beauty. It happened all due to my passion of watching UEFA Championship League live from 1 am till morning 3.30am the previous night. I was very disappointed by the performance of the team which I was supporting (Arsenal) it was well thrashed by the opponent.

However I just manage myself to slight off my phone screen and said, hello with a cracking sound. It was from the custom sir who is really in need of blood for the Bhutanese patient at Kolkata, Tata hospital where the Cancer patients are treated. He was asking me in his soft and touching voice for the blood donation whereby I reluctantly told him that I will see without any thought of sympathy and empathy and I drive back to my sleep. After a few minutes , my sleeping mind was dwindling as the thought  of positivity in my mind was rushing towards the sense of humanity and the feeling of empathy glitters in my heart automatically makes my eyes open.

To that, again the beep of my phone rang and this time it was from my senior mate. He was again with the same matter about the blood donation and he was saying that he is going for the donation and asking me to coming along with him. On this, I accept his request with much zeal as we have to learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life , we have to be the light that other see, it is what gives life its deepest significant. As happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give. The sense of positivity collide in my brain that it come to that extent, Even  I sometime think that blood is meant to be circulate, let it circulate so let us pass it around …that’s crazy….

But back at my mind I was quit worrisome whether my blood is regain or not as I have donated blood 4 mounts ago, before leaving for vacation. Being vegetarian it’s quit challenging for me in this kind of task as we don’t get fresh and organic vegetables, fruits like in our country. As the flow of positivity hinder my thought that isn’t anything, that isn’t any big issue to me so I decided and was making myself ready to donate. I prepared breakfast had it and start my journey towards the hospital. “No one is useless in this world that lightens the burdens of another.” ~Charles Dickens      
I consider I am one of them lol…

We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone. The moment we reach at hospital we directly went to the blood bank section as we know all the procedure as it will be my third time donating and my senior more than me. The patient mother who is in over tense was anxiously waiting for us to come and donate. The moment we enter the blood bank she was so happy and overwhelm seeing on us. We were checked and luckily I was capable of donating as I got a hemoglobin 14 liters. Every procedure was taken and finally donation of blood was done.

She was awfully very much grateful and thankful to us and she was wordless to thanks us. I was extremely proud of myself that it was my personal philanthropy move. It was benevolence which drives away her melancholy to some extent. She took us to hotel and was served us with lunch and finally back to room and took rest. I obeisance wished and pray our almighty god to blissful blessed for earliest recovery form the disease, cure everything and heal all the worries and tense that his family are facing right now.


Tuesday, 24 January 2017


“Every moment is unpredictable. It can always take a change for the better or worse. You just have to learn to roll with the punches when things are bad. You also have to learn to be thankful when things are pleasant in your life, knowing that even good things do not last forever.” ~ Anil kumar sinha

I am so heartsick over the loss of you my grandmother and wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your LOSS. To you I have a bond that will never break, no matter the circumstance; you were a grandma of silver hair and golden in the heart. I felt really loss to lose you without seeing you at the last moment of your precious life and the breath. I blame myself ashamed for not having more time with you when you need me the most. Regret for not being by your side to say a last goodbye, to speak out my heart content, to care for you during your last breath.

Sometime I wish that I had a magical wand to bring back the time to spend one last hour with you to thank you for everything. You worked your hardest to make sure your kids and grand-kids would not have to face those challenges. You solidarity showed us how a family should be and to that you alone have  nurture and mounded my dad in such a manner that you have made him strong enough to know when he is weak and brave enough to face when he is afraid. Moreover that flow will consequently get to me, my family and so on and on. You are the heartbeat of our family inspiration.

After hearing the information about you, with your passing away, I lost a piece of my existence. I lost the track of my life, I was so numb, I feel everything empty, I lost in myself. But life goes on everyone have to go through this path no one will be left behind; it’s just a matter of time. I embrace myself to the positivity thought and heal all the sadden feelings of mine. The pragmatic approach to manage and dwindle my feeling was to pray well for her eternal good and better life than the life she had today.

Love you Grandma, I will always treasure the memories I have for you. Thank you for being our hero – you truly were a special, special woman. There are no words to express my gratitude for all you have given to us, I hold you in my heart each and every day. You may have passed on, but your memories would be always live on within me and I am sure we would meet some day.

My heartfelt condolence and my prayers for you is to quick rebirth to a higher realm of heaven. May all the pray and wishes made for you be powerful remedy for the journey you take in. May almighty god blissful bless you for eternity.


Thursday, 12 January 2017


“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of the way to make life beautiful for others.”   ~Mandy Hale

When the information for saving the lives of thousands fish who are in suffering was thrown in the BSA (Kolkata) group, I was feeling awfully excited to rending my small helping hand to those great ethical initiatives. But deep in my mind I was quit worrisome about my internal exam which is going to be held the next day. Internal exam is for an hour paper out of 20 marks which is very important and prime for my career. But I felt for myself and realized that doing nothing for other is the undoing of ourselves. I make up my mind to make time for the every event and to the excitement of my feeling too.

To that, I start collecting detail information about time and location of the program for rescuing the thousands of fish. The program was for three days and each and every day thousands of fish were set free by taking them to the middle of the safe pond. Sadly, on the very first day I was not able to attain because I was having exam and on second day from early morning, I woke up early and prepare myself for the journey for my excitement felling. On that day we all begin with an hour prays and later three van (small truck) full of fish were set free by taking them on boat to the middle of the pond. After the work we are served with lunch and the refreshments and blessing by lam and his team. Last day of program was almost alike second day, again three van of fishes were set free and the lam shower us with some thoughtfulness and inspiring knowledge on the karmic life.

I was blissful bless for the paradigm create by the lam and his team for all the living sentiments. I am really honor to be part of it and obeisance I would like to thank you all for enriching us with such opportunity whereby we track it on to good deeds by the man force albeit we can't  help through financially as we don't stand.

Now it the era to change ourselves, our thought, our feelings towards other, the sense of empathy and sympathy has to develop on own. Live of other is as precious as live of ours. I encourage all my dearest nearest and to all to remain green and felt for other’s live. The most important thing you need is determination and commitment. Your journey may encounter lots of chaos and struggle but that’s nothing if you are determine your strength will naturally overcome those. Let’s glitter every life of the sentiments together without being in agony.

Moreover on this the great renowned Dalia lam said  “People think of animal as if they were vegetables, and that is not right. We have to change the way people thinking about animal. I encourage all the people to move forward towards a vegetarian diet that doesn’t cause suffering.”

So the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. Therefore I am hopefully hoping that everyone will start being green as soon and early as possible. The human humane should make effect on this and I would love to called you all as vegan’s whereby we safe lives of innocent in multiple numbers. Thereby, TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE DIFFERENCE.

Sunday, 1 January 2017


            "Excellence is never an accident, It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and the intelligent execution, It represent the wise choice of many alternatives - choices, not chance, determine the destiny." ~ Aristotle

The days passes to weeks and weeks to the months and finally to the end of the year as you log out all the memories of 2016 and you login into the new year 2017,  It is the time of the year when we need to reflect on our bygone past deeds and make a efforts to our own self because tomorrow is only a chance to correct mistake of yesterday. A New Year resolution is a tradition, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for the new year day.

"A people without the knowledge of the past history, origin and culture is like a tree without root."   so keeping that in mind I had done small research upon how the new year resolution had originate.  According to the religious point of view the origin of the New Year resolution was made during the ancient period where Babylonians made promise to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed object and pay debts. In the Medieval era, the knights took the "Peacock vow" at the end of the Christmas season each year to re-affirm their commitments to chivalry (code of conduct). We really thank you for your greatness work which is still alive now a days and used by all to remould and shape yourself for the future endeavor.

New year resolution have come to signify the certain set of self-disciple propounded to elevate oneself or basically certain rules of self-improvements. It does not really concern anybody else or barring your most intimate soul mate than yourself. If you believe you can have one, you can have it. It doesn't mean it will just fall out form the sky and there it is. It means that you believe you will position yourself to be in position to find one. You may dress yourself, walk taller, smile more.

What you need to keep in your mind is that to be determine - resolved- to do something is more than a just a decision that you want to do something. Being determine to accomplish at task means that you have altered the way you think about the task so much so that your entire being has remoulded around the idea of its accomplishments. By remoulding the way you think, you have essentially remoulded yourself.

It has to be made by you, and to be follow by you, Nobody, but you can convince yourself to be a humane human being, A human being of whom you, yourself will be proud of it. Since New Year resolution symbolizes new beginning, I consider it as auspicious occasion for myself to pledge a good new starting with vibrant threshold of confident and courage's to climb new heights and bigger challenge of life


1 .To be better person than what i am
2. Read what i see and write more and more
3. To be more punctual
4. Sacrifice the desire other than my prime
5. Will render help as much as i can
6. To stay with my life philosophy: live simple, love generously, care deeply and speak kindly
7. To keep in touch with all my friends


1. To be green as you are
2. To stay fit and healthy
3. Make time for the games and sports
4. No to forget where you come from
5. Pray for all sentiment
6. Friendly with all

The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, Waiting to be written. We can help that story by setting goal and the resolution. Aforesaid are the resolution I made for myself and it shall be the guiding star for me to take the steps on my life way and I shall feed it with all my sincerity.

So my dear friends the New Year are the perfect time to unfold the new horizons and realizing all dreams. Rediscovery the strength and courage’s that lie within you and continue to move on. If you do nothing, accomplishes nothing, gains nothing and wins nothing. You have to move on. So I hope with much zeal you all have well prepared resolution to glitter the New Year. May your all the dreams and the resolution made are fulfill at the end of year with much enthusiasm.

                               "2017 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL"